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BitSpirit, a powerful & easy-to-use BitTorrent client
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BitSpirit is yet another bit torrent client that you have to consider. There are a bunch of bittorrent clients out there, and most of them are really good. So, when you have to make up your mind, it is often a tough choice. This one is perhaps not as well known as the other contenders, but it definitely does not lack in the feature department. All you might expect is here. BitSpirit supports uPNP port mapping, so if you have an uPNP compatible router, the application can forward ports for you. It supports simultaneous downloads. Furthermore, it has a nice queue system. It is smart and optimizes your download capabilities. The user interface is really easy to use and is presented in a clean, nice manner. Perhaps one of the best pro's of this application is that it uses little to nothing CPU power and little memory. Other BitTorrent clients like Azureus can kill your machine, but this one will run nice and easy. BitSpirit also supports Instant Messaging, so what better way there is to kill time than chatting with someone about the weather while you wait for your torrent to download. This stable version is the same version that is advertised on the other review of the same product, however, when it was released it was named Stable, because another version was offered that wasn't, you know, stable.

José Fernández
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  • It is really nice-looking
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